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You are a marketing professional. But you’re more than that. You are human, you like your freedom, your hobbies, your social life, you want to be inspired by cultures, trends, variety, and challenge. And you want a fair reward, without hassle. So you can focus on your passions.



Working as an interim marketer has many attractive aspects. You decide, as long as the assignment is fun and pays well, whether or not you want to stay. Or maybe you want to combine it with another assignment. But when it’s done, for whatever reason, you want to move on. Because, at the end of the day, you need to put bread on the table.

As a freelancer, self-employed person or interim, whatever name you want to give it, you are an entrepreneur. Which is great, but there are aspects to it that you might not necessarily like so much. How do I find a good assignment? Or several at once? And how do I find a new assignment again. And then again, it never stops. And what about payments? Does my client pay in a timely manner, and what if they don’t pay? What rates can you ask?

Gesprek tussen twee vrouwen

We are your (free)

In addition to recruitment & selection for permanent positions, Marketingrecruiters also mediates interim professionals. We have contacts with great clients who have to deal with all kinds of marketing challenges. Marketing strategy, marketing automation, lead generation, content marketing, online campaigns, website optimisation, brand management, product launches, data analysis. We don’t have to explain anything to you.

We bring these clients into contact with professionals like you. Interim marketing professional such as SEO or SEA specialists, growth hackers, content marketers, social media managers, digital marketers, product managers, online marketers, campaign managers, data analysts, marketing managers or marketing strategists. These are oftentimes assignments that start with a period of a few months, but are many times extended if everyone is happy. And sometimes it even leads to a permanent employment contract, but only if you want one.


You’ll get a permanent contact person within Marketingrecruiters, who will of course want to hear from you what it is exactly that makes your professional heart beat faster, how long and often you want to work, at what type of company, what you want to earn, you name it.

Your new ‘buddy’ will then look for a suitable project for you. We’ll introduce you to each other, and if you decide to work together, we’ll settle an agreement with the client. It will describe the project, the scope of the work and the number of hours you’ll work. We do this in such a way that you’ll never have to worry about issues with the tax authorities later on.

We’ll also settle an agreement with you for this specific assignment, in which we’ll also agree on an hourly rate. We always pay within 20 working days, which is quick and easy, and runs no risk with regard to the payment behaviour of the client; we’ll take that over from you.

When the agreement with the client expires, we will proactively check with you as to whether it can be extended. Not what you want? Then we’ll look for a new assignment for you, one that makes you happy, and well in advance. In short, we also take the acquisition work off your hands.

This way you can especially enjoy the fun aspects of entrepreneurship, and we are your Sales & Marketing Manager and agent who makes your life as easy as possible. And that is paid for by your clients. You can’t lose.

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