Marketing is a profession that is gaining momentum. Marketing strategy, marketing automation, lead generation, content marketing, online campaigns, website optimisation, brand management, product launches, data analysis. Many of these tasks are now business as usual. But often, they’re also interim marketing assignments since they concern a project, or you need new knowledge quickly, or you need to deal with turnover or pregnancy in the short term. And sometimes strategists, leaders or managers are needed.



Developments in the field of marketing many times lead to new marketing tasks that need to be filled in. For these you’ll need SEO or SEA specialists, growht hackers, content marketers, social media managers, digital marketers, product managers, online marketers, campaign managers, data analysts, marketing managers or marketing strategists. They operate in an extremely tight job market, and they’re not always easy to find or to convince to come to you.

To make it even more challenging, marketers often turn out to be ‘free spirits’. They love their freedom, they want space to let their creativity flourish, they like variety (of projects, brands, and challenges), they don’t necessarily want to work full time. And, they often like to travel the world in search of inspiration and relaxation. As a result, marketers are increasingly working as freelancers, self-employed professionals, or interim professionals.

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In addition to recruitment & selection for permanent positions, Marketingrecruiters also mediates interim professionals. We find, convince, and select the marketing professionals who have the marketing knowledge needed to solve your marketing challenges. The activities are recorded in a clearly defined project with a clear start and finish. We settle the agreements with the professionals, we proactively monitor the extension of the work (and therefore contracts) for you, and we take all of the administrative tasks off your hands. And if you decide you want to convert the collaboration into a permanent employment contract, then that’s no problem at all.

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